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  • MLabyrinth  v. is a small game where you have to find your way out of a labyrinth. Collect as much money as possible and find the secret! Then you can search for the finish. Beat your best friend on three maps bigger than 1,587,500 px! Have a lot of ...
  • Super Quiz  v.1.0Small game of questions. Written in ANSI C using the SDL ...
  • The final flight of osiris  v.1.0This is a small game devoted to concept of object oriented programming in c++ and in dos mode......this game also supports multiple colors(256-13h mode)....I acknowledge other people support for developing the 13h library which i have made easier to ...
  • Ultra Bille  v.0.2A small game in wich you have to control a ball throw differents labyrinthes. Programmed in C using SDL and ...
  • FragFest  v.1.0Small game based on Evolution Quake 3, no real point (as of yet) except to learn. Any developers/mappers/modellers are welcome.
  • RockyRay  v.1.0A role playing game happening in a different world. We wanna experiment some new ideals in this small game. It might looks like traditional japenese RPG, while you will find lots of elements you never meet before.
  • KLACK  v.1.0KLACK is a small game in which you control a sphere with only one key (visit our page to learn how) with the goal to hit a second sphere while avoiding another sphere. Sounds confusing? Try it yourself!
  • Npc4gobang  v.1.0This is a small game five in a row, that is designed just for learning purpose. I'm very glad of you to download and learn the project, and give suggestion and help to improve this project. The project is developed with Android 1.5 SDK.
  • Tanks_PureBasic  v.1.0Tanks is a small game in development using Purebasic.
  • BlackSheepEngine  v.1.0This project is supposed to become a custom XNA game engine implementation. It will start out as a specific implementation for a small game but should end up in a generic re-usable engine.
  • MiTo Team RealFly Game  v.1.0Small 3D game.
  • Erudit  v.1.1Erudit - it is the most exciting intellectual word game in the world. Scrabble will be enjoyed by those who like spending leisure time playing smart games. You must make words of which will go through already set letters on the field.
  • Animals Puzzle  v.1.0.0Animals Puzzle is a great little game targeted at children around ten years of age. A colorful and user-friendly game, it is easy to get to know and gives children an opportunity to get acquainted with the computer. It's available for PC and Mac.
  • The Santa Claus Project  v.1.0less than half of the people actually submitted anything.
  • ANGEL PETS  v.2.0Lovely fairies raise many pets, each color of bubbles corresponding to a certain pet food. Come and help fairies to feed pets quickly.
  • ClanBomber  v. is a free (GPL) Bomberman-like multiplayer game that uses ClanLib, a free multi platform C++ game SDK.
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